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    This type is not available anymore since 31.12.2017.

    The following items are (can be a little bit different because of the update): 3285

    Please contact us regarding a successor product

    Type 3275 - 2/2 way Motor Valve

    Produkt-Foto Typ 3275

    Avbilding av produkt kan variere fra den aktuelle sammensetningen.

    • Produkt-Foto Typ 3275
    • Produkt-Foto Typ 3275
    • Produkt-Foto Typ 3275

    Type beskrivelse

    Type 3275 is a direct-acting and general purpose motor valve for shut-off, used as regulating unit in control loops. A stepper motor as actuator drives the valve which is incorporated in a compact and robust housing. The integrated electronics simplify the process integration; additional actuation modules are not necessary. The drive shaft shifts a very smooth ceramic disc over a second fixed ceramic disc. The fixed ceramic disc is simultaneously the valve seat. By turning the ceramic disc the valve opens. The seat tightness is achieved by the very smooth surface of the stacked ceramic discs. In case of power failure the actual valve position will be kept. Therefore, this valve is not suitable as safety shut-off valve. If a specific safety position in case of power failure is required, this can be realized by using an external buffer module. The motor’s power consumption in opened or closed position is nearly zero. This key feature can reduce the energy consumption of a plant dramatically and thus make it more efficient. The LED gives an optical indication of the valve‘s position and status.

    • Actuator isolated from flow path
    • Low power consumption
    • Fast response times
    • Orifice sizes 8 to 25 mm

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    Applikasjoner og verktøy


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    Språk / land
    DTS Type 3275 data sheet | electromotive operated motor valve 250,8 kB EN / EU
    DTS Typ 3275 Datenblatt | elektromotorisch betätigtes Absperrventil 253,1 kB DE / DE


    Språk / land
    MAN Operating Instructions Type 3270 3275 | Electromotive on/off valve 1,3 MB EN / EU
    MAN Quickstart Type 3270 3275 | Electromotive on/off valve 1,2 MB EN,FR,DE / EU
    MAN Bedienungsanleitung Typ 3270 3275 | Elektromotorisches Auf/Zu-Ventil 1,3 MB DE / DE
    MAN Manuel d'utilisation Type 3270 3275 | Vanne ouvert/fermé électromotorisée 1,3 MB FR / FR


    Språk / land
    ABD EU-DoC|EU Declaration 804,4 kB EN,FR,DE

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