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New valve technology for temperature

Dr. Egon Huefner, Segment Manager Cooling Systems,
Bürkert Fluid Control Systems

In injection moulding, meeting the increasing requirements concerning the
surface quality and dimensional accuracy poses a real challenge. Processors
demand tension-free and non-deforming workpieces that provide excellent
moulding ac-curacy and seamless perfect surfaces in high polish quality.
Since the early 1990s, the main innovation driver has been the microsystem
technology with its demand for micro components. While moulding accuracy
remains the main concern, the focus has gradually shifted towards improved
surface quality, dimensional accuracy and efficiency. These requirements
were the driving forces for the initial development of variothermal temperature
control. Innovative mould technologies and valve designs have enabled
manufacturers to opt for efficient variothermal temperature control in serial
production, introducing the technology in the automotive and consumer goods
industries, including the production of flat screen TVs.


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