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Solide mikse- og fordelerventiler med rustritt stål kropper

Den nye 3-veis ventilen 2006 og 2106, med store applikasjonsområder.

New 3 way Globe Valve for CLASSIC and ELEMENT actuators

Food and beverage producers are confronted with more and more demanding requirements on materials potentially coming into contact with food. Type 2106 therefore conforms to European regulation EC 1935/2004 and FDA guidelines. As a member of the ELEMENT series its design conveys Hygienic cleanliness even on the outside. Think of filling equipment, mixing and diverting of utilities like pressurized air: Integrated easily and maintenance-free with renowned decentral automation using control heads.

Changing perspective to Segment Water: If you are sand-casting engine blocks for example, a fast and exact temperature control is essential. Type 2006 is in charge of switching reliably between heating and cooling. Well-suitable for the manufacturing industry, these versatile valves with CLASSIC actuators are automated centrally.

Please find more detailed information on the product pages – or simply get in touch with our Sales Team.

Type 2006

Pneumatisk styrt 3-veis seteventil CLASSIC

Type 2006
  • For å mikse eller fordele medier
  • Styring via pilotventil eller sentralt via ventiløy
  • Gjennomstrømningsoptimert hus av stål eller messing/rustfritt stål
  • Lang levetid og drift uten vedlikehold

Type 2106

Pneumatisk drevet 3-veis seteventil ELEMENT

Type 2106
  • For å mikse eller fordele medier
  • Desentral automatisering via styrehodet
  • Gjennomstrømningsoptimert hus av rustfritt stål
  • Lang levetid og drift uten vedlikehold
  • Styrehodet tilkobles uten eksterne slanger

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